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We are a group of commercial real estate veterans offering our proprietary investor database.

Investors for Every Asset Class

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  • Mixed Use

  • Retail

  • Hotel

  • Development

Over 8000 active investors. Ranging from investment companies, individuals, family offices and developers 

"I'm impressed. This is an asset to anyone in Real Estate."

-David Gelbstein, Private Investor

"If you took everyone from a event and 10xed it you still wouldn't have this database.   -Abe Kohn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there brokers in the Database?

No. All are direct investors varying in size.

What type of file will I receive?

It will be an Excel file.

What price range do the investors prefer?

The price range does vary. We have seen $100,000 offers for vacant land, 20mm for mixed use buildngs to 200mm+ for hotels and skyscrappers.

What is the response rate?

There are many factors that come into play regarding response/open rates. Title, description, asset class, price, location, etc. Please see a recent snapshot from MailChimp below.

How can I contact commercialeasy?

You can reach us at

How can residential brokers benifit from the database?

Majority of residential properties can be purchased and rented out as an investment property. Additionally, investors have family and friends of their own and your listing might be the second or third home they want.

Who can benifit from the Database?

Whether you are a commercial real estate broker looking to trade more buildings, a service provider looking for more clients or an investor looking for more oppurtunity, we make it EASY for you and many others. Contractors, insurance providers, lawyers, lenders, managements companies, residental brokers and more.